5 Different Ways To Say ‘Cold’ In English

Winters in Milan can get really cold, but are you able to describe the different temperature levels in English? Scrambled Eggs has prepared 5 useful adjectives to help you chat about cold weather, so you can practice and improve your English. After all, the weather is the number 1 topic of conversation in Britain!

Crisp winter morning

Crisp weather? Sounds nice! It might not be the most ideal when it comes to weather, but for the most part we look at it with a positive light. What about when it’s a little colder though:

It’s still not too bad when it’s nippy, but things are getting progressively colder when compared to “crisp.” So why don’t we kick it up a notch and make things even colder, with “chilly”:

Hot drink weather

OK, now we start getting serious. And what is even colder than the discomfort of chilly? Probably as cold as it gets here in Milan:

Very cold weather in Milan

And finally, for the coldest days of the year, when you just long for summer, even if here in Milan it gets so hot that it’s torture:

Freezing weather synonyms

And there you go! Now you can chat with any native speaker and compare the weather in Milan with the weather abroad!

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4 frasi per descrivere i programmi del weekend

Che fai nel weekend? What are you up to this weekend?

Ci sono tantissime cose che si può fare per staccare la spina dopo una difficile settimana lavorativa, soprattutto a Milano. La nostra città offre una vasta gamma di attività, anche in lingua inglese, e il post di oggi è dedicato alle diverse frasi per descrivere cosa fai nel weekend. Enjoy!

  1. Grab a bite/drinkattività-weekend-corsi-inglese

  2. Catch up with friends


  3. Hang out with someone

    studiare inglese Milano

  4. Get together with someone