Tea-time in the UK – Reading Comprehension Exercise

Is it tea-time yet?

How many coffees do you have each day? Having coffee in Italy is a part of most people’s daily ritual, and tea performs the same role in the UK.

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A cup of tea (a ‘cuppa’ in British English) is most often enjoyed with breakfast, as a mid-morning break and at ‘tea-time’ – about 5pm. A tea-time cuppa usually also involves a small snack (biscuits/cake etc.). The elegant “Afternoon Tea” or “Cream Tea” with lots of sandwiches, scones and cakes is only for special occasions.
N.B. Working-class Brits sometimes use the phrase ‘tea-time’ to mean dinner, if they eat their meal at about 6pm. This is usually builders, plumbers, gardeners.

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A typical ‘cuppa’ is strong tea with milk and sugar. This is usually called “builders’ tea”.
Earl Grey tea is also quite popular, while Darjeeling/Mint/Green/Chamomile tea etc. are not standard.

The UK market is dominated by five brands – PG Tips, Tetley, Typhoo, Twinings and Yorkshire Tea.

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The UK population is around 65 million people, so how many of cups of tea do they drink each day? About 165 million cups daily or 60.2 billion per year!
Tea became incredibly popular in Britain because of the British Empire. Tea-drinking was encouraged by the British government because of the money from tea tax.

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How to Make British Tea
Choose your tea. This is by far the most important step to making perfect British tea….
Boil the water….
• Put your teabag(s) in the pot or mugs….
Pour boiling water over the teabag, and stir….
• Wait!…
Remove the teabag….
Add milk and sugar to taste….
Enjoy your tea!

Tea Time in the UK: Reading Comprehension Quiz

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5 frasi per descrivere il tempo estivo

A Milano il caldo diventa insopportabile, per fortuna ci sono il mare e la montagna qui vicino! Oggi scopriamo 5 modi per descrivere il tipico tempo Milanese durante l’estate, così possiamo lamentarci del caldo in modo più efficace.

1. Heat Waveimparare inglese a Milano

Da usare quando:
– pensi che il caldo non finirà mai;
– sei completamente sudato dopo appena 5 minuti sotto il solo;
– non ricordi l’ultima volta che avevi freddo.

2. Stormystormy tempesta imparare inglese Milano

Da usare quando:
– pensi che l’arca di Noè sia una buona soluzione;
– fuori è completamente buio ma è l’ora di pranzo;
– sei ancora in ufficio e, per la prima volta nella tua vita, non hai voglia di tornare a casa.

3. Scorching
caldo vocaboli inglese MilanoDa usare quando:
– non serve l’abbonamento in palestra perché tutta la città è già una sauna;
– neanche il ventilatore può aiutarti.

4. To Pour
diluvia pour vocaboli ingleseDa usare quando:
– la pioggia è talmente forte che devi cancellare la tua lezione di inglese;
– diluvia così tanto che pure il naviglio grande è deserto.

5. Boiling Hotboiling hot caldo tempo estivo inglese

Da usare quando:
– ti fermi in un negozio di antiquariato solo per sfruttare l’aria condizionata;
– il gelataio è l’unico amico affidabile.

10 frasi per parlare di calcio come un inglese | Mondiali 2018

Brought to you by Scrambled Eggs Football Club.

Siccome l’Italia in Russia non c’è, perché non tifiamo per l’Inghilterra in questi mondiali? Oggi vi prepariamo con le 10 frasi più utili per sembrare un vero hooligan inglese mentre guardi i mondiali 2018. C’mon England!

  1. What a screamer, that was right out of the top drawer!
    modi di dire in inglese
    Meaning: Don’t worry, it’s not a horror movie and there’s no furniture involved. Someone just scored an absolutely amazing goal, that’s all!

  2.  Send him off ref, red card!
    calcio mondiali 2018 RussiaMeaning: Horrible foul, the opponent deserves to be expelled from the game (but rarely is…).

  3. He’s clean through, he must score…
    goal, gol, calcio inglese
    Meaning: This has nothing to do with washing the dishes. A player has got behind the defence and is 1 v 1 with the opponents’ goalkeeper.

  4.  What a sitter, my granny could’ve scored that!
    calcio, inglese, imparare
    You’re a professional football player, the ball comes to you directly in front of the goal, the goalkeeper is helpless, the referee ready to signal for a goal, and then…. Disaster. No goal. It’s so sad that it’s funny.

  5. Come on ref, he’s miles offside!
    arbitro, calcio inglese mondiali 2018
    Meaning: The attacker’s possibly in an illegal position behind the defence. Ironically, this phrase is usually used for very difficult decisions. Are supporters possibly biased?

  6. They’ve parked the bus.
    difesa, attacco, calcio ingleseMeaning: A phrase invented by Jose Mourinho, he’s since become the master of this tactic. It involves putting 10 of your players in front of your goal, and making it impossible for the opposition to score. Joga Bonito.

  7.  Get in! Back of the net!
    scuola inglese Milano calcio mondiali 2018
    Meaning: It’s in.. it’s a goal.. we’ve scored.. I don’t believe it.. who am I hugging?.. who cares!.. Goooooaaaaaaaaalllllll!

  8.  Man on! Get rid!
    calcio, difesa, gol, inglese
    Watch out, an opponent is coming towards you! Pass the ball to your teammate, quickly!

  9. What a joke, we were absolutely robbed.
    gol, calcio, inglese, MilanoMeaning:
     We lost, but we definitely didn’t deserve to. Who’s fault is it? The referee, VAR? It can’t have been our bad play…

  10.  It’s time for someone to stand up and be counted
    modi di dire calcio inglese
    Meaning: World Cup final. 0-0 in extra time. The world’s waiting for a hero. One of the players has to do something special to be remembered forever. E.g. Mario Gotze 2014, Andres Iniesta 2010. Marco Materazzi 2006?

Ora che sapete tutti i modi di dire per tifare in inglese, ribadiamo una cosa sola: C’mon England!