Esercizio aggettivi in inglese

Come siete messi con gli aggettivi -ing/-ed in inglese? Prova il nostro esercizio in inglese per mettere in pratica le tue capacità linguistiche! Iniziamo con la slide introduttiva, poi potete provare a superare a pieni voti il nostro esercizio!

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Esercizio aggettivi in inglese

Esercizio di aggettivi in inglese:

Adjectives -ing vs. -ed

Test your knowledge of adjectives in the -ing and -ed form!

Sir Richard Branson – Esercizi in Lingua Inglese

Welcome to today’s English Video Lesson on Sir Richard Branson, owner of famed Virgin Group. The video is about Branson’s motivation and who had the most impact on him as a child. Before having a look, lets try some of the preparation exercises:

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Now that you’ve seen some of the vocabulary in the film, it’s time to watch!

Watched the video? Great! Now check your comprehension by looking at the below questions and answering them:

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