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Signup English Speakers: Sat. 29/02 IT-EN Language Exchange


Looking for a way to learn Italian and also meet people while living in the wonderful city of Milan?


Sign up for our language exchange in collaboration with WOLF MILANO!




Scrambled Eggs offers a 2-hour long language exchange, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., where you have the chance to speak Italian.


The event pairs you up with native Italian speakers every 14 minutes, speaking 7 minutes in English and then 7 minutes in Italian. When the 14 minutes are up, you are paired with a new partner and you do it all again!


Where: WOLF Milano - Via Canonica 13 Milan


Participation fee €10* (first drink included).

For any questions contact us at hello@scrambledeggsinglese.it

*To be paid upon arrival

Prezzo/Quota: EUR0.00

Ora di Inizio: 6:00 pm
Ora Fine: 8:00 pm

Data: febbraio 28, 2020

WOLF Milano
Via Luigi Canonica 13
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