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You’re about to study English!

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Today we’ll look at the verb construction “be about to + verb.” We use this when we want to explain something that will happen in the immediate future, for example in a few seconds or minutes. Take a look at the graphic below for a better understanding: Test out your ESL skills with this English … Continue reading You’re about to study English!

Test Out Your Phrasal Verb Skills

Verbi frasali in lingua inglese | Scuola di inglese Milano

Today’s English ESL grammar topic of the day is a set of phrasal verbs. Have a look at the following phrasal verbs and their definitions and then take the quiz below: Pitch in: to help out occasionally Give up: to stop doing something, to quit Run into: to encounter, to accidentally find Figure out: to … Continue reading Test Out Your Phrasal Verb Skills

Adele Teaches Phrasal Verbs

Imparare l'inglese con canzone

Some of you, and by “some” I mean all, have heard Adele’s latest song “Hello”, a deep, slow and painfully transparent story of a recent relationship that has ended, all being sung over the telephone. You probably listen to it on replay. You probably know most of the words by heart. Well, today we’re going … Continue reading Adele Teaches Phrasal Verbs