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Estrella, the 2-legged dog

Today’s English lesson of the day is about Estrella, the 2-legged dog that is winning everyone’s hearts over. To follow the lesson, start by doing a quick vocabulary check of the words in the video. Then, when you think you are ready, read the small excerpt describing Estrella’s situation: Two-Legged Dog Becomes Town Celebrity Most … Continue reading Estrella, the 2-legged dog

You’re about to study English!

Scrambled Eggs Scuola di Inglese

Today we’ll look at the verb construction “be about to + verb.” We use this when we want to explain something that will happen in the immediate future, for example in a few seconds or minutes. Take a look at the graphic below for a better understanding: Test out your ESL skills with this English … Continue reading You’re about to study English!

Test Out Your Phrasal Verb Skills

Verbi frasali in lingua inglese | Scuola di inglese Milano

Today’s English ESL grammar topic of the day is a set of phrasal verbs. Have a look at the following phrasal verbs and their definitions and then take the quiz below: Pitch in: to help out occasionally Give up: to stop doing something, to quit Run into: to encounter, to accidentally find Figure out: to … Continue reading Test Out Your Phrasal Verb Skills