English Homework: Cultural Tips for Visiting Milan

The following piece is by one of our talented students, Sofia, who is also a photographer by profession. After learning about British Etiquette in one of our English lessons, her homework was the following:

Write an email to a friend who is coming to Milan. She wants to do all the touristy activities. Give her some advice on how to act around the locals, like your “rules of etiquette”!

Hi Giulia!

I’m so glad to hear that you’ve decided to visit Milan. I’m sure you know where to go and what to see.
Milano Duomo, Corsi Inglese Milano
Remember! You can’t miss the Duomo and the Castello Sforzesco, but let me give you some advice on how to act around the locals!
Italians are really in love with food, and there are some rules of etiquette you need to respect! First of all, please, don’t have a cappuccino while eating lunch or dinner, it’s something really really inappropriate.
Cappuccino, pranzo, inglese, Milano
No cappuccino with food!
Another thing you must not do is putting parmesan on fish, I can’t tell you why. We are used to drinking wine while heaving lunch or dinner, it’s for pleasure not a way to get drunk, so don’t overdo it!
Scuola di inglese Milano
Easy on the wine.
Milanese people are really in love with fashion, so please, when you visit the city try to dress properly. Do not dress like you have to do a mountain expedition or a walk at the beach. Please remember that if you want to visit a church you need to have your shoulders and legs covered.
That’s all! And if someone calls you “Bella” in the street, it’s just a compliment!

E voi invece?


Avete dei consigli per come si deve comportare qui a Milano? Lasciateceli nei commenti!

British Etiquette | Esercizi di inglese con video

La cultura britannica è molto particolare, infatti spesso potrebbe essere difficile da decifrare. Basta pensare al recente Royal Wedding per capire quante regole ci sono da seguire, quanti comportamenti sono disapprovati, e quanto viene valorizzato la propria immagine.

Per questo, ti abbiamo preparato una lezione di inglese sul tema di “British Etiquette”, ovvero l’educazione britannica e come si dovrebbe comportare in un tipico pub inglese. Comunque, come tutti gli esercizi di inglese qui a Scrambled Eggs Milano Scuola di Inglese, aggiungiamo un tocco spiritoso con un video divertente e anche molto informativo. Enjoy!

Exercise 1: Vocabulary match

First Exercise: match the following vocabulary to the definitions. If you need help, try using wordreference.com.

British Etiquette: Vocabulary

Match the new vocabulary words with the definitions below.

Exercise 2: Watch the Video

Now watch the video. Listen for the words from part 1. Can you hear them all? If not, please check the transcript here: British Etiquette Transcript

Exercise 3: Multiple Choice

Finally, try exercise 3, where we will test your understand of the 5 rules about pubs from the video:

British Etiquette: Multiple Choice

Watch the video again, and pay attention the the rules expressed in it. What are they? Can you identify them in the questions below?

Esercizio di Lettura: The Bean Chicago

Oggi parliamo della scultura più famosa della città di Chicago: The Bean. Nato nel 2004, è subito diventato uno dei posti più famosi in tutti gli Stati Uniti, soprattutto per farsi una bella selfie! Leggi il seguente testo e prova a rispondere alle nostre domande!

Chicago’s The Bean

To many, this stainless steel piece is a work of art – but to tourists, it’s the best opportunity for a selfie. The Cloud Gate sculpture, or ‘the Bean,’ is one of the top sights to see in Chicago. The bean is a large public sculpture that was unveiled at the opening of Millennium Park in 2004. It now serves as a famous symbol of Chicago and is one of the city’s most photographed attractions.

© Brian Hillegas/Flickr

The Bean is one of the best ways to take a photo of Chicago’s beautiful skyline while simultaneously posing in the photo. Designed by artist Anish Kapoor, the work was selected out of two proposals submitted in 1999 for Millennium Park. At first, many Chicagoans were skeptical of this piece of metal – especially since the structure was under construction during the inauguration of the park in 2004. Anish Kapoor did not completely finish the sculpture until May 2006 when it was finally displayed.

Even before it’s official title, Chicagoans were quick to dub the reflective steel sculpture ‘the Bean’ after its peculiar shape. However, it’s official title is ‘Cloud Gate’ since 80% of its surface reflects the sky and bends the reflection, like the shape of a gate.

Today, The Bean is extremely popular and visitors have the urge to touch the sculpture’s silver surface. Cleaners come twice a day, once in the early morning, and once at night, to polish and clean the piece. Meanwhile, there are cleaners who come to get rid of fingerprints up to seven times a day! The Cloud Gate is an icon of Chicago, and one of the best attractions the city has to offer.

Esercizio di Vocabolario: Chicago's The Bean

Hai letto il testo di inglese? Hai notato qualche parola in grassetto? Scopri i significati con il nostro esercizio di vocabolario: Chicago’s The Bean


Chicago's The Bean: True or False

Ora vediamo se hai capito tutto il testo con le domande True/False.