Too vs. Enough – English Language Exercise

Too vs. Enough – a classic debate as to how to truly describe your feelings about something. But don’t jump to conclusions – as there are many forms of too and they can get very tricky at times! Today’s blog post is dedicated to consolidating that knowledge, while also working on your Business English language skills!

Before we get started, be sure to have a look at our English language explanation graphic, which describes the many facets of the word too and how to properly use it:

Have you studied it? Now it’s time to test your skills with an English language quiz! Be sure to refer back to this graphic if you are confused about which form of the word you need to use!

Too vs. Enough Fill In the Blank Quiz

Test your knowledge of too vs enough using the following exercise!

How did you do? 100%, perfect score? If you think you need to take it again, click refresh in your browser! A little repetition is always a good thing when it comes to language, and will certainly work in your favor. If you want to check out other Scrambled Eggs English School language exercises, be sure to check out the rest of our blog with tons of English grammar exercises as well as videos. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @scrambledeggsenglish

Learn English with Ted Talk: English Manias

Looking for inspiration to learn English? Ted Talks are an interesting way to stimulate your mind while also informing you on remarkable or pressing subjects in today’s ever-changing world. Today, we will focus on a short Ted Talk by Jay Walker, given in 2009 but still as relevant as ever, about the growing need for English and how it is the language of problem solving. Have a watch here:

After listening, how did you find the vocabulary? Difficult? Well have no fear, here are some exercises you can do to learn the vocabulary once again. After doing this, have another listen and see if you recognize any of the words!

Manias Vocabulary Exercises

Match the vocabulary to their definitions.

Job Activities – Esercizio di ascolto in inglese

Oggi ascolteremo tre persone che fanno 3 lavori molto diversi, e impareremo anche il lessico relativo dei loro lavori. Prima di ascoltare, prova a fare questo piccolo esercizio in cui ripassiamo tutti i verbi che verranno utilizzati nell’audio:

Job Activities

Match the job activity to the job. Hint: there may be multiple possibilities, so focus on the most relevant answer!

Please choose 5 activities for each job.

Com’è andato l’esercizio? Siete pronti ad ascoltare?

Ora che avete ascoltato, provateci un’altra volta per assicurare che avete capito tutto.

Fatto? Bene! Ora siete pronti anche a fare l’esercizio di True e False:

Job Activities Listening: True or False?

After listening to the audio about the three workers, have a go at this True or False exercise and see how much you understood!

Nei commenti scrivici alcune attività che fate voi ai vostri lavori! Oppure, se volete mettere ancora in pratica il vostro inglese, scopri gli altri esercizi sul nostro sito.

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