British Etiquette | Esercizi di inglese con video

La cultura britannica è molto particolare, infatti spesso potrebbe essere difficile da decifrare. Basta pensare al recente Royal Wedding per capire quante regole ci sono da seguire, quanti comportamenti sono disapprovati, e quanto viene valorizzato la propria immagine.

Per questo, ti abbiamo preparato una lezione di inglese sul tema di “British Etiquette”, ovvero l’educazione britannica e come si dovrebbe comportare in un tipico pub inglese. Comunque, come tutti gli esercizi di inglese qui a Scrambled Eggs Milano Scuola di Inglese, aggiungiamo un tocco spiritoso con un video divertente e anche molto informativo. Enjoy!

Exercise 1: Vocabulary match

First Exercise: match the following vocabulary to the definitions. If you need help, try using

British Etiquette: Vocabulary

Match the new vocabulary words with the definitions below.

Exercise 2: Watch the Video

Now watch the video. Listen for the words from part 1. Can you hear them all? If not, please check the transcript here: British Etiquette Transcript

Exercise 3: Multiple Choice

Finally, try exercise 3, where we will test your understand of the 5 rules about pubs from the video:

British Etiquette: Multiple Choice

Watch the video again, and pay attention the the rules expressed in it. What are they? Can you identify them in the questions below?

Video Esercizi in Inglese: CNN and Internet Addiction

Are you addicted to your cellphone?

Today’s topic of interest is addiction, which is defined as: a dependency on something/someone.

Let’s start with a small vocabulary exercise about a woman who is addicted to smoking:Esercizi-inglese-milanoNow time to watch the video. Keep an eye out for the words from the above exercise:

So, are you addicted to your cellphone?

Sir Richard Branson – Esercizi in Lingua Inglese

Welcome to today’s English Video Lesson on Sir Richard Branson, owner of famed Virgin Group. The video is about Branson’s motivation and who had the most impact on him as a child. Before having a look, lets try some of the preparation exercises:

Corsi di inglese Milano | Esercizi per migliorare l'inglese

Now that you’ve seen some of the vocabulary in the film, it’s time to watch!

Watched the video? Great! Now check your comprehension by looking at the below questions and answering them:

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