13 Essential Phrasal Verbs to Boost your Vocabulary!

Phrasal verbs can be a difficult topic. So many different combinations and meanings can be hard to remember! Don’t worry though, with time it will become second nature to use them in conversation. This blog post, inspired by our ‘App Tank’ lesson, will give you a hand (help you) with some of the most important ones.

If you’d like to find out (discover, learn) more about this topic, read on to see some example sentences and jot down (write down) some notes. You may have come across (found, encountered) some of these phrasal verbs before, but it’s important to use them well if you want to stand out (appear different) as an exceptional English speaker!

Look into: research more

I don’t know enough about the topic, I need to look into it more

Keep track: follow, show interest

Even though I live in Italy, I keep track of the news from the UK.

Turn into: become

Since he started exercising more, he has turned into a much healthier and happier person.

Come up with: invent, create

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with original ideas!

Sneak away: escape, leave

I don’t want to go to the meeting today. Maybe I can sneak away from the office after lunch!

Let somebody know: Inform a person

I should let my manager know that I saw my colleague taking things from the office, but I don’t want to cause a problem!

Carry out: Finish an activity

The building work was carried out by a local company

Deal with: Take action with

Tomorrow I will call the broadband company and ask them to deal with the problem with our internet connection.

Try our latest phrasal verb quiz below, dealing with the following verbs:

  • Give a hand: help someone
  • Look into: research more
  • Keep track: follow, show interest
  • Turn into: become
  • Come up with: invent, create
  • Come across: find or encounter
  • Sneak away: escape, leave
  • Stand out: appear different
  • Find out: discover, learn
  • Jot down: write down
  • Let somebody know: Inform a person
  • Carry out: Finish an activity
  • Deal with: Take action with

13 Essential Phrasal Verbs

Choose the right phrasal verb


How did you do? If you need help, jot down a comment to let us know and we’ll give you a hand! Well done on practicing your English!




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