Estrella, the 2-legged dog

Today’s English lesson of the day is about Estrella, the 2-legged dog that is winning everyone’s hearts over.

To follow the lesson, start by doing a quick vocabulary check of the words in the video.

Then, when you think you are ready, read the small excerpt describing Estrella’s situation:

Two-Legged Dog Becomes Town Celebrity

Most people would rather live the lives of their dogs, but for Estrella, who was born without her front legs, it’s no walk in the park living her life. She is used to living like a kangaroo more than her own species. She certainly has a challenge in life, but the Peruvian mutt doesn’t let her disability hold her back, gaining celebrity status in the small town of Tinga Maria. By now, she’s used to having cameras on her, as she lives life as a viral sensation.
The one-and-a-half-year-old was taken in by an animal shelter after she was abandoned by her owners at only six months old, and now she’s jumping for joy, as happy as any other dog.
The shelter, which Ivan Escobar and his wife run, is gaining popularity because of their new handicapped member. The couple wasn’t used to having so much publicity, but they have taken advantage of Estrella's fame by raising funds and awareness for abandoned animals. As a result, they can now take in more abandoned animals.
They say they’ve loved watching her develop her new walking skills. Estrella's disability does not bring her down and she often plays with the shelter's dogs like a regular pup. It's hoped she'll make families think twice before abandoning pets born with defects.

You’re about to study English!

Today we’ll look at the verb construction “be about to + verb.” We use this when we want to explain something that will happen in the immediate future, for example in a few seconds or minutes. Take a look at the graphic below for a better understanding:

ESL English exercise about to + verb

Test out your ESL skills with this English exercise on the verb construction to be “about to + verb”.

About to + verb

Answer the following questions with the correct form of “about to + verb”. Good luck!

Test Out Your Phrasal Verb Skills

Today’s English ESL grammar topic of the day is a set of phrasal verbs. Have a look at the following phrasal verbs and their definitions and then take the quiz below:

Pitch in: to help out occasionally

Give up: to stop doing something, to quit

Run into: to encounter, to accidentally find

Figure out: to understand after trying

Pick up: obtain something through experience, like a skill or quality

Settle into: to feel comfortable doing something after initially not feeling comfortable

Keep up with: To be able to follow something and understand it, like work or school

Get on: to be friendly, be friends with

Win over: to persuade, to conquer

Sort out: to resolve

Find out: to hear about, to discover

Phrasal Verbs Quiz 1

Put your phrasal verbs to the test with the following quiz: