ESL Video Lesson: Zero Waste Lifestyle

Today’s ESL video lesson is about INSIDER’s video on Lauren Singer, a 25-year-old who decided a life with waste wasn’t worth living!

Before we start, let’s have a look at some English vocabulary that will appear in the video that we are going to watch later. Match sentences 1-7 with the words at the bottom of the image:

Corso di inglese a Milano con insegnanti madrelingua inglesi



Now watch the video on a girl who lives a (near) zero-waste lifestyle.

How was her life affected by waste?

When did she decide to change her lifestyle?

What are the perks of a zero-waste lifestyle?

How did she turn this lifestyle into something more than just a lifestyle?

Do you think you could ever do something like this?


Get vs. Be English Quiz

Today’s English language blog post is dedicated to the difference between get and be when used before an adjective. Check out the graphic below for a better idea:

Scopri il corso di inglese a Milano.

And now for the quiz to test your knowledge:

Quiz: Be vs. Get with Adjectives

Match the vocabulary with the definition.