Verbi irregolari in inglese

Scopri i verbi irregolari più comuni in lingua inglese, i quali rappresentano il 90% dei verbi utilizzati nella lingua parlata:

N. Forma base Passato Partecipo passato
1 say said said
2 make made made
3 go went gone
4 take took taken
5 come came come
6 see saw seen
7 know knew known
8 get got got/gotten
9 give gave given
10 find found found
11 think thought thought
12 tell told told
13 become became become
14 show showed shown
15 leave left left
16 feel felt felt
17 put put put
18 bring brought brought
19 begin began begun
20 keep kept kept
21 hold held held
22 write wrote written
23 stand stood stood
24 hear heard heard
25 let let let
26 mean meant meant
27 set set set
28 meet met met
29 run ran run
30 pay paid paid
31 sit sat sat
32 speak spoke spoken
33 lie lay lain
34 lead led led
35 read read read
36 grow grew grown
37 lose lost lost
38 fall fell fallen
39 send sent sent
40 build built built
41 understand understood understood
42 draw drew drawn
43 break broke broken
44 spend spent spent
45 cut cut cut
46 eat ate eaten
47 drive drove driven
48 buy bought bought
49 wear wore worn
50 choose chose chosen


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ESL Blog Post: Expressions with “Get”

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Today’s English ESL grammar topic of the day is about the verb “get.” When “get” is followed by an adjective, it means “to become,” and is used very often with the following adjectives:

Get sick/ill = ammalarsi 

Get mad/angry = arrabbiarsi 

Get better = migliorare

Get worse = peggiorare

Get married = sposarsi

Get tired = stancarsi 

Get lost = perdersi

Get old = invecchiare

Get dirty = sporcare

Get bored = annoiarsi

Get hurt = farsi male

Get ready = prepararsi 

Now test your skills with our ESL quiz on expressions with get + adjective!

Get + Adjective

Test your knowledge of expressions with get + adjective!