Taking an Afternoon Nap May Make Your Brain Healthier

Who doesn’t love a good nap? We wake up feeling recharged and ready to go, or we sleep too long and feel even more tired afterwards. Naps aren’t only good for your brain, your body benefits too. Let’s see what Adam’s got to report about it.

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Taking an Afternoon Nap May Make Your Brain Healthier | Definition Match

Put the following words to the correct definitions.

Taking an Afternoon Nap May Make Your Brain Healthier | Fill in the Blank

Fill out the text below with the correct answers.

Taking an Afternoon Nap May Make Your Brain Healthier | True or False

Indicate which sentences are true and which ones are false.

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Full text:

If you love sleeping, then we have good news for you. Afternoon naps might be good for your brain. A study found a correlation between afternoon naps and improved mental agility and cognitive function.

The study involved more than 1,500 elderly subjects. They all claimed to be afternoon nappers—meaning that they like taking naps after lunch. The naps last longer than five minutes but less than two hours. The scientist also measured more than 600 non-nappers of the same age.

There were three major findings. First, elderly individuals who took afternoon naps showed significantly higher cognitive performance. Second, higher levels of TG (triglycerides) were found in napping elderly individuals. Finally, afternoon napping helped with orientation, language function, and memory.

It is important to mention that each subject group reported an average of 6.5 hours of sleep per night. This means that daytime nappers were complementing their nighttime sleep instead of compensating for overnight sleep disruptions.

The researchers also noted that not all daytime naps are beneficial. Particularly, naps longer than two hours can actually hurt your cognitive function, so make sure to set an alarm!

Offers and Opportunities

Welcome to the Scrambled Eggs blog! Here you can find many different resources with which you can learn English.  There are listening exercises, grammar exercises, vocabulary boosters and all kind of interesting articles on a variety of topics! Leaning English should be fun, so we hope you like what you see and hear.

Have you ever received an offer that you knew you had to accept? Maybe you didn’t respond quick enough and you lost the opportunity. Today’s blog will talk about essential vocabulary when speaking about offers or opportunities that may come your way!

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Let’s have a look at some important vocabulary we can use to talk about offers and opportunities.

Do you know any of these words?
Are any of them new to you?











How about you try a little activity to match the words with their correct sentence!

Offers and Opportunities Quiz

Match the words with their correct sentence.

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Gordon the Average Canadian

Canada, true north strong and free. A beautiful country with many sights to see! In this blog we are going to read about a typical Canadian man named Gordon and the things that he normally does. It’s full of stereotypes which are obviously exaggerated and only written as a joke, so do not worry if you think some of the examples are strange or ridiculous! It is simply a caricature of the common Canadian.

Before we get into his story let’s take a look at some vocabulary that you will encounter in order to help you fill in the blanks of the text that will follow:

Pay attention to – To focus on something, usually important.
Be careful about – To make sure to avoid potential harm.
Double check – To look over something a second time to make sure it is accurate.
Hurry up – to do something quicker than you were before.
Watch out for – To be alert to something.
Check out – To take notice of something.
Calm down – To relax yourself, especially after something stressful.

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Are you ready to read about Gordon the Average Canadian? Try to use the words above to fill in the blanks below to complete the paragraph.

Gordon The Average Canadian | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

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