2nd Conditional Quiz – English Grammar Exercise

If I had to choose my favourite part of English grammar, it would be the second conditional! The second conditional is one of the most useful grammatical constructions in the English language. It allows us to communicate a hypothetical or imaginary idea. It also allows us to express our hopes and ideas for the future. The only problem? Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to form it, grammatically speaking.

Take a look at the explanation below and then take our quiz to test your skills!

2nd Conditional

To describe hypothetical, unlikely situations, the 2nd conditional is used.

Construction: If I [past tense verb], I [would + verb]


‘If I knew how to surf, I would go surfing right now!’

‘If Art won the lottery, he would buy a car’


The verb ‘to be’ is always conjugated in the past as ‘were’- ‘If he were older, I would tell him’

2nd Conditional Quiz

Fill in the gaps with the correct words

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