5 Podcasts to Follow to Improve your English

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Listening to podcasts is a great way to improve your English while on the go! The team at Scrambled Eggs have put together a list of podcasts that cover a wide variety of topics and a range of levels, from beginners to advance speakers and everyone in-between.


LearnEnglish is a podcast series produced by the British Council. This podcast series focuses on everyday English and each episode is discussion-based. You can listen and read along to each episode with a moving audio script, making this podcast great for beginners! After each episode you can take a short comprehension quiz to check your recently acquired knowledge. It provides over 20 hours of free listening materials on a wide range of topics. You can either listen to the podcast online or download their app and listen to it on your mobile. Best for beginners and general English!

6 minute English

6 minute English is a long running podcast series from the BBC. It is designed to help English language learners learn and practice useful English for everyday situations and it covers a series of entertaining topical discussions and vocabulary. The spoken English is a slightly slower speed than usual, making it perfect for intermediate level English speakers. Every episode features a discussion between two people and includes definitions of the key vocabulary, comprehension questions and a transcript. A new episode is released every Thursday; each episode is only 6 minutes long and downloadable. Best for intermediate speakers and practical English!

Voice of America: Learning English

Voice of America: Learning English is a language news and information podcast service. It covers a great variety of current and interesting topics including news, health and lifestyle, science, technology, and culture. It has something for everyone! In addition, there are podcasts suited for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. All lessons can be downloaded so that you can listen to them on the go and if you subscribe to their podcast service, new audios will be delivered to you automatically. Best for culture and learning about different topics through English!

Luke’s English Podcast

Luke’s English Podcast is an award-winning show for learners of English as a foreign language. There are 600 audio episodes, transcripts, videos and even a special series on phrasal verbs! The focus of each lesson is on natural and real language. A lot of the content is free and can be downloaded via the Luke English Podcast App, but there is also a premium subscription service. Each episode comes with a transcript and video links related to the topic. In the Premium episodes there are grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation explanations. Best for learning the language that people actually speak!

Premier Skills English

Premier Skills English is a podcast service with a twist: it combines football with learning English! The language in each episode covers a range of topics. It will teach you the words and phrases you need to talk about football on and off the pitch as well as general English but through football. All the materials are free but unfortunately it cannot be downloaded. Each episode is accompanied with different activities that incorporate the grammar and vocabulary you would have heard in the video. Best for those who love football and want to improve their English through sport!


For those of you who have an advanced level of English check out Serial, a captivating investigative journalism podcast about a journalist who revisits a crime and provides a new perspective. It has been created for native speakers and so will be great for advance speakers who want to develop their vocabulary.

What podcasts have you been listening to? Can you recommend our readers any others?

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