5 Things to Do at Home During Milan’s Quarantine

With nearly everyone in Italy now staying at home due to the severe coronavirus outbreak in the country, we take a look at 5 different things you could do at home during these weeks.


We all lead such busy lives nowadays. There is never the time to just sit down and read a good book. Well, now that going to a restaurant or bar on an evening is no longer an option, perhaps is the best time to start reading. Pick up a book and get lost in an exciting fantasy world, discover some interesting facts about science or history, or get hooked on an intriguing murder mystery. Reading has been shown to increase intelligence, reduce stress, help you sleep and boost brain power. It’s the equivalent to giving your brain a workout!

Work out

The hardest thing about going to the gym is often actually leaving the house to go. But now you don’t have to! There are thousands of videos online giving great workouts for you to follow while you stay at home. No weights or machines at home? No problem! There are plenty of workouts you can do without any equipment whatsoever, so there is no excuse to not keep fit while we are all doing our part to stop the virus. So clear a space in your room, load up a good workout video and prepare to get sweaty and feel good. Research shows that just 30 minutes of exercise each day can help boost our general health and well-being.

Watch a movie or series

This is probably the most common thing people will be doing at home right now. Simply pick a movie or series to watch, sit back, relax and enjoy. Many people think watching movies is the sign of a laziness, however, research shows that it does not have to be a guilty pleasure. Watching films can help us learn, drive social change, process difficult life decisions and can be social experiences with our family and friends. Watching movies and series as well helps us appreciate the art of film making. So don’t feel bad for sticking on a classic movie or catching up with the latest series during this time!

Practice Art

No matter who you are, everyone has an artist inside them. Whether it be a painter, illustrator, musician, writer, film maker or designer, everyone has an art form they can use to express themselves. And if you think you’re not one of these people, think again! Every one of us has a creative spirit waiting to be unlocked and now is the perfect time to practice your craft. So pick up the pencils, paintbrushes, guitar, cello or sowing needles and let your imagination run free.

Learn a language

What a surprise! Now that we have more time to ourselves why not choose a new language to learn or keep practicing the one you’re learning now. Language learning has been shown to help develop strong cognitive skills, mental flexibility, listening skills, problem-solving, expand brain power and helps us create new and exciting relationships with other people who we would never otherwise speak to. It can also improve your life prospects with more chance of getting a great job and being super useful when you are travelling. Scrambled Eggs has a team of great teachers ready to give lessons online via Skype, Google Hangouts and many more platforms. So get in touch and make use of your time while you’re staying at home.

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