5 Ways to Describe A Beautiful Piece of Art

Milan is renowned for its artwork, take Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper for example. There are many different adjectives you could use to describe this amazing piece of art. However, as no two pieces of art are the same, finding the exact adjective can be tough! With this in mind, the team at Scrambled Eggs English school, have put together a list of useful adjectives to describe art.

First up, we have engaging. This word can be used to describe any piece of art, whether it’s impressionist or surrealist, that captures your attention.

If you are a lover of contemporary art and frequent Fondazione Prada, then this next word in our list, abstract, is perfect for you.

Next up, we have another fantastic adjective: intriguing. This adjective can be used to describe all pieces of art that you find interesting but at the same time unusual.

If you are interested in modern art, then perhaps this next word could be useful for you. We can use the adjective harmonious to describe a well-balanced piece of art, in terms of colours, composition and/or style.

Lastly, stimulating is another fantastic adjective that can be used to describe a piece of work that, in some way, motivates or inspires you.

With these five words in your vocabulary bank, you are now ready to visit any art gallery around the world and engage in conversation about the artwork you see!

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