5 Ways to Say Resolve | Phrases to Learn English

Are you looking for a way to resolve situations linguistically? We all have language deficiencies that we need to sort out and here at Scrambled Eggs we are ready and equipped to help you clear up any misunderstandings!

The English language can be tricky because sometimes a word has more than one, or even two, meaning(s). The verb resolve is a great example! It is a versatile verb and so we have put together a list of five different ways you can say it!

Do you need to settle a negotiation with an important client?

Or, maybe you need to sort out an important issue with a friend.

Perhaps you need to clear up a misunderstanding in order to move forward with a project.

And then work out a compromise, because who doesn’t want to walk away from a problem with a solid agreement?

Last but not least, maybe you need to fix a problem before moving on with a task.

As you can see, there are five ways you can use the verb resolve. Can you use them all correctly? Can you think of different situations when you could use each one? Now you are ready to linguistically resolve any situation!

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