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5,000 Year-Old Tavern Found in Iraq


In Iraq, home to the world’s oldest civilization, a team of archaeologists has unearthed an ancient tavern full of interesting relics. They believe that contrary to popular belief this civilization contained not just priests and noble classes but also a middle class.

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5,000 Year-Old Tavern Found in Iraq | Definition Match

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5,000 Year-Old Tavern Found in Iraq | Fill in the Blank

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5,000 Year-Old Tavern Found in Iraq | True or False

Decide if each statement is true or false.

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Full text for 5,000 Year-Old Tavern Found in Iraq:

Sumeria, the oldest known civilization, located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (now Southern Iraq) was already established 1,000 years before the Great Pyramids were built.
In Lagash—inhabited in the fifth millennium BCE and one of the oldest areas in Ancient Mesopotamia—the foundations of a tavern were recently found by archaeologists. They included an open-air sitting area, and a kitchen with a clay oven, clay chiller, and ancient crockery.
Using new magnetometry techniques and sedimentary analysis, the work is taking a different approach to archaeology compared to past excavations in the area.
Among the tavern’s contents were conical eating dishes containing the remains of fish, a Mesopotamian staple, and other storage jars with food inside.
It goes to show, according to the archaeologists, that the city wasn’t simply divided into the priestly and royal strata, and the lower classes, but contained a recognizable middle class as well.

Iraq sure has an interesting history.

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