This was quite the year for Scrambled Eggs, which saw immense growth both in and outside of the classroom! We wanted to share with all of our loyal clients, fans and friends everything that’s been going on both at our private English school in the Navigli district of Milan as well as all around the city, doing various projects for public schools. Here’s a recap of everything we’ve done:





Istituto Moreschi (zona Sant’Agostino Milano), scuola Cambridge:

In this prestigious school in the Sant’Agostino area of Milan, we sent teachers into the school to cover both Chemistry in English and English as a foreign language. The students were focused, motivated and always ready for a new challenge! Here is what our teacher Adam had to say about our experience at Moreschi: “The students never ceased to amaze me. Chemistry is difficult in your native language, I can’t imagine how hard it is to study it in a foreign language! Hats off to these young chaps!”






Liceo Classico Parini (zona Brera Milano), conversatore madrelingua inglese e preparazione esami Cambridge:

Scrambled Eggs was present in the heart of Milan, too! We gave this liceo classico a helping hand in both general English conversation as well as preparing them for English certificates. This school certainly lived up to its reputation, as the students continued to raise the bar during every lesson, never showing signs of letting up and always bringing enthusiasm to every lesson, day in day out. Our native English teacher Ani from Chicago, USA had only good things to say about her experience as English conversation teacher with the first and second year high school classes.





Istituto Comprensivo Galvani (zona Centrale Milano), corsi CLIL in geografia e scienze per scuola elementare e scuola media:

This project was an outside-the-box didactic plan from a very forward-thinking school in Milan! CLIL is a teaching methodology where students have lesson in English for subjects that they are also doing in that very same moment in Italian, meaning they are able to refine their skills both in the English language and also in that very subject, having effectively done the course two times over. Our Irish teacher Nicole rolled up her sleeves and focused on geography and science for the entire school year. Here’s a quote from her about how these English courses in Milan went: “It was a great experience for all involved. The students were very smart and participated in every class. Learning about science and geography is not easy, especially in another language, but they seemed to pick it up so naturally and were able to explain the concepts back without any problem”





ICS Pascoli (zona Vercelli Milano), corsi di potenziamento lingua inglese e preparazione esami Cambridge:

We sent a trio of teachers to this lovely school in the heart of Milan for afterschool English activities. Fortunately for us, we were met with a plethora of students who, despite still being at the ripe age of middle schoolers, were absolutely passionate about the English language and loved every minute that they were with us. Emma, our teacher from English, provides a little insight on our yearlong project with Pascoli: “The students were very talkative and had no problems engaging in all tasks. The language seemed very difficult for them and yet, much to my surprise, they managed some good conversations in the end.”


Istituto Comprensivi Don Milano (Locate di Triulzi), corsi di potenziamento lingua inglese e campus estivo:

Middle school is always a fantastic time to learn English. It’s a crossroads between still having a young brain that’s soaks up language like a sponge while at the same time being old enough to appreciate the finer things in language learning and being able to analyze the nuances behind phonemes, syntax and semantics. Our English language courses in Locate di Triulzi, a small suburb just outside of Milan, were no different. Our American teacher Ross was ecstatic after his experience that lasted all school year: “It’s not every day that you come across students who are so eager to learn, and that makes my job pretty easy! It’s both a joy in class when all the students are cooperating and learning together, and also an immense satisfaction for me as I can walk away thinking ‘I’ve really made a difference in their lives and motivated them to be more enthusiastic about learning English.’”





Liceo Scientifico Volta (zona Central Milano), conversatore madrelingua inglese e preparazione esame IELTS:

After-school programs are probably the majority of what Scrambled Eggs does when it comes to English courses in Milan, but we actually offer a wide variety of other services. We sent our teacher Ani into Liceo Volta to be a tried and true English professor, where she was given 2 fifth year courses to manage completely independently. Here’s what she had to say about her experience: “Liceo Volta is full of angels, and I can’t express how much I loved these kids. I was blessed with groups of otherworldly young adults this year. On my first day, I mistakenly walked into my classes thinking that I had to teach English as a Second Language. Instead, after a few hours, I forgot that English was not their first language – because they were just that good! They were able to give quasi-professional presentations that were at times worthy of standing ovations, and don’t even get me started about their writing! They gave astounding, deep answers to big questions, and would often say things that I would think about for days – no exaggeration. I taught classes of 5th years, and I will miss them dearly. I know that they will be a very successful group of people in the future who will take on the world with their high levels of English. A big thank you to Liceo Volta. Thank you for all the laughs and for always keeping me on my toes!”





Istituto Comprensivo Tito Speri (zona Loreto Milano), conversatore madrelingua inglese:

Scrambled Eggs was more than excited to pick up the pieces of a previous collaboration which was unfortunately interrupted due to COVID. That’s right, we had started a project with this school in the tender year of 2020, only for it to be put on hold in the middle of the school year as the pandemic that would eventually affect everyone’s lives grew exponentially. The 2021-2022 school year marked a resurgence for the students from this school, as Scrambled Eggs was finally able to make a difference and inspire these little ones to learn English! Our Canadian teacher Matteo had this to say about his English course in Milan: “What a wonderful group of young students who really put in the effort to learn another language. Each class they made progress that laid the foundation for future success in English. A job well done to all!”





And after our teachers’ opinions, here are a few words from the administrative specialists, Annalisa and Simona about these projects: “When you work for a private school, you don’t expect to work so closely with public ones. During this school year, however, we found ourselves engaging with different schools, thanks to all the tenders that our talented teachers won. We’ve learned to perfectly understand how the administrative structure of public schools is laid out and about the figures who work there; we spoke with teachers, secretaries, directors of general and administrative services, principals, vice-principals, caretakers and even with the poll workers sent to the schools after the referendums! The best part of a tender is contributing to its success from “behind the scenes,” helping plan the lessons and coordinating with our school’s teachers and with those of the school where the project’s at. And it was really satisfying to see the enthusiasm that our teachers approached every single tender with, always putting themselves to the test and showing off the Scrambled Eggs method all over Milan!

Let’s face it, the last few years have not been easy on English schools, and it has been a constant challenge working with quarantines, online lessons, social distancing and any other problems that COVID has added to our everyday lives. Fortunately, Scrambled Eggs Milano is an English school equipped with the finest staff of teachers and administration specialists in all the land. We’re both proud and grateful of all the public schools we’ve worked in, both in Milan and outside, because it means that every day we collectively inspired hundreds, maybe even thousands, of students. Our mission is to only improve upon the momentum we’ve started to build up after this fantastic school year.

A special thanks to the Scrambled Eggs team for doing such an incredible job both inside and outside of the classroom!