English Vocabulary at a A2-B1 level means knowing between 1500-2500 words! That’s a lot. But there’s always more to learn.

Words words words. There are so many of them in English vocabulary but where do they come from? In order of percentage most English words have roots in: Latin (≈29%), French (≈29%), Germanic (≈26%), Greek (≈6%) and Others (≈10%).

Scottish Flag on English Vocabulary page

Directions, because people will ask you for them!

Cockroach Disaster: Read the story and take a quiz.

Fill in the Blank using the verbs Hope, Believe, Seem, Think and Look

Beach or Mountains: Preparing for Your Summer Holiday

At the Stadium: Legal English Vocabulary Quiz

Learning a Language: Read the article and take the quiz on adjectives.

Alternatives to “very”? Why? Because the word “very” is very overused!

Fun vs Funny is one of the tricky distinctions because there are always exceptions to the “rules.”

Make vs Do: Do a funny dance, make the bed, do the dishes! There are so many things to get done.

Plant Vocabulary because plants need to be studied too.

Weather: Describing specific vocabulary in English that’s more than just the basics

Weather 2: You can never have too much information on how to speak about the weather in English!

Describing Fashion: Styles, trends, and just looking good! Very useful English vocabulary for living in Milan.

Determiners: Either, neither, both – work on your skills and boost your English vocabulary!

Parts of the body: Let’s get down to the basics with this English vocabulary exercise about your body!

The Environment: Time to go green! Here are some important words to describe our fight against climate change and how to save the planet!

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