A2 Clothing Vocabulary

Talking Clothes: A Beginner’s Guide to Fashion Words

Today, we’re going to learn some cool words to talk about clothes. Imagine going to a store and wanting to say how much you like a shirt or a pair of shoes. This blog will help you do just that! Let’s start!

Think about your clothes. What do you call the thing you wear on your feet? What about the cozy thing you put on when it’s cold? In this blog, we’ll learn simple words like “shoes” and “sweater” to help you talk about your clothes with your friends. By the end, you’ll be a fashion talk champion!

Look at the following definitions of clothing words and think about when you might use them in your life.

Definition: A warm, knitted shirt with long sleeves.
Example: In winter, I wear a cozy sweater to stay warm.

Definition: Everyday pants made of strong fabric.
Example: I like to wear jeans when I go out with friends.
Tip: When you see the word “pair” in a sentence, it often means your talking about jeans or sneakers!

Definition: A beautiful one-piece clothes for girls usually used for formal occastions or to go dancing in.
Example: She wore a pretty red dress to the party.

Definition: Fun and ,most importantly, comfortable shoes for walking or running.
Example: I wear sneakers when I play sports at the park.
Tip: Sneakers are comfortable shoes for activities. Look for words like “walk” or “run” in the sentence.

Definition: Formal and stylish clothes for special occasions. A tuxedo will normally be paired with a bowtie or a tie.
Example: He looked handsome in a black tuxedo at the wedding.
Tip: Tuxedos are fancy clothes for important events like weddings or parties.

Definition: A light and comfortable type of shirt typically made of cotton.
Example: In summer, I like wearing a colorful T-shirt.
Tip: T-shirts are great for warm weather. Look for short sleeves and light fabric.

Definition: A tube shaped piece of fabric you wear around your waist.
Example: I just bought a cute skirt to go out to the club in!

Definition: A head covering!
Example: I wear a hat when it’s sunny to protect my head.

Fill in the blanks with the correct clothing articles in the following sentences!

Clothing Vocabulary

Fill in the blanks with the right words: sweater, jeans, dress, sneakers, tuxedo, T-shirt, Skirt, Hat

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