If you watch video: 

Yesterday’s slides are attached below, as well as a photo of the whiteboard. Here’s a link to the video we watched: https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/esercizio-in-inglese-cnn-and-internet-addiction/?
The more you watch it, the more you’ll understand all of what they say!
And here is an exercise about more…more for you to do:
Additional Homework assignment: Prepare a speech about your addiction that you must present at the start of our next class. The more you write, the better the speech will be!
If you didn’t watch the video 
Fantastic work during lesson! Now is the hard part…. the video!
Have a listen (or 2 or 3!!!) and tell me about the following things:
– What is a threat to our health?
– Listen for all the statistics in the video and tell me what they talk about.
– Is social media a good thing in our lives? Listen to the tall girl!
– Does everyone think smartphone addiction is a problem?
The more you watch, the more you will understand!
Additionally, here is an exercise about more…more:
Thanks and have a great day!