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Today we are going to talk all about the phrase “going to” and how we can use this phrase to talk about our plans for future events! We utilize “going to” to talk about our plans for the future or if we choose to add in the word “not” we can discuss things that we plan to NOT do in the future.


The general format for using “going to” in the future is as follows:

Subject(s) + (am/are/is) + (going to) + (infinitive verb).


Let’s look at a few examples of how we could use this phrase in our daily life to talk about things we will do or will not do in the future:


A: This weekend what are you going to do?

B: This weekend I am going to watch a movie.


A: Are you going to go to the party tonight?

B: No, I am not going to go to the party tonight.


***Notice that when A asks if B is going to do something the order of (am/are/is) and the subject switch!


As a side note let’s think about the difference between (going to) + (infinitive) in comparison to talking about the future with the word “will”. We use the word “will” to talk about decisions that we are deciding to do in the moment. In contrast, (going to) + (infinitive verb) is used to talk about what we intend to do, things we have decided previously on doing.


Practice examples for going to. Arrange the words in the right order:

Going To

This quiz invites you to arrange the words in the right order!


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