Basic Adjectives

Basic Adjectives

Welcome to the Scrambled Eggs blog! Here you can find many different resources with which you can learn English. There are listening exercises, grammar exercises, vocabulary boosters and all kind of interesting articles on a variety of topics! Leaning English should be fun, so we hope you like what you see and hear.

We know learning new vocabulary is always fun, especially when you can use the words to discuss how often, or how well you can complete an activity! This is why we have created the following exercises to help you learn and remember some new adjectives that can be used in a wide variety of situations, for example:

“I just checked Google Maps and the traffic today is so slow! I am going to be so late to work and I have such a full day!”

“I am very hungry today, I had to skip lunch and am feeling a little weak, so I hope the food comes out very quick.”

 “I just got a new puppy and he is extremely energetic! He is always excited to go outside and play with his ball. The only problem is that he gets up very early and wakes me up often, so I tired when I get to work.”

“My new teacher is very old and usually has boring lessons. Therefore, he gets angry when the class is talking to each other.”

“It makes me happy when my espresso is strong in the morning because it wakes me up before I start my day.”


Basic Adjectives quiz

Now it is your turn to practice using these basic adjectives:

Possible Answers:

slow – new – energetic – strong – late – hungry – quick – angry – old – full – tired – weak

happy – bored – early – excited

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