Before/After | English Grammar Exercise

Today’s online mini-grammar lesson by Scrambled Eggs English School, Milan is on Before and After.

Before and after are used to indicate the order of events in the past or future.

Before means ‘earlier than’ and is used to explain what will happen before something else occurs in the future, whereas after means ‘later than’ and is used to explain what you will do after something else occurs.

When before/after is followed directly by a verb, the verb always takes the gerund form.

Are you ready to put your newfound knowledge to test? Why don’t you take our quiz!


Transform the sentences to use either before or after. There are two correct answers for each question.

How did you do? Did you find it a little bit difficult? Or, are you super keen to learn more English? Why don’t you come along to our English school for a lesson!  

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