Body Parts – Vocabulary Quiz

Howdy! Below you’ll find a blog prepared by a native English teacher. Here at Scrambled Eggs we like to prepare videos, news articles and exercises on grammar and vocabulary to help our students continue their learning outside of the classroom. Take a look at this quiz on body parts, we hope you enjoy it!

It isn’t always easy to remember a word. Often, when we forget the word for something we must use a technique called circumlocution, a very long term to refer to a very simple concept, the act of describing a word or an idea with my words where a single word would work just fine!

In this quiz you will read the hints and try to guess what body part the hints are describing. Once you finish, try to see how well you can describe these words! Write don’t some words and then try to write down hints to describe them, see if you can get a friend to guess what word, or words, you describe!

Body Parts Quiz

Read the clues and try to guess the body part that is being described!

Great work! Well done for studying English today. Every little activity you do is another step closer towards your language objectives. If you’d like to see the rest of our resources, follow this link: For more ideas, take a look at our Instragram. We hope to see you at our English school in Milan soon

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