Borrow- Borrowed – Borrowed

Lend – Lent- Lent

There is a very simple difference between borrow and lend, however it is a difference that many people find hard to understand. To make it simple, borrow is the action of taking something from someone for a short period of time and lend is the opposite, the action of giving something to someone again, for a short period of time.

Here are a few examples:

Can I borrow your pen?

I will lend you my pen.


Can she borrow your bag?

I will lend her my bag.


Can I borrow your phone?

I will lend you my phone.


Could you lend me some money?

Ask Laura to lend you some as I don’t have any.

Laura, could I borrow some money please?


Can she borrow your laptop?

I am sorry I have already lent it to someone! Doesn’t she have one?


Personal pronouns always come after the word lend: I will lend you some money


Take a look at the table below to help you understand the concept.



When you think you are ready have a go at the word choice exercise which is followed by a true or false task!

Good luck!

Borrow/Lend - Fill in the Blank

Read the text below and choose the correct verb.

Borrow/Lend - True or False

Indicate which sentences are true and which ones are false.


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