Hello XXXX,

Really great job! You are definitely a joy to have in class!

I have attached the pdf of what we looked at in class.

For homework I would like you to try these grammar exercise on the quantifiers: https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/countable-and-uncountable-nouns-english-grammar-exercise/ 


Here’s an article regarding the differences between “there is” and “there are” with a quiz at the end: https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/there-is-vs-there-are-business-review/

You can also write a description of your own company using the words and phrases from the lesson.

Finally, you can listen to this audio and answer the questions on it. Feel free to slow it down if you need and to look at the script. https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/general-english/audio-zone/a-special-restaurant  

Have a good week,