Introductions – English Language Exercise

What do you say when you first meet someone? How do you introduce yourself? Let’s practice!

Introductions | Multiple Choice

Match the questions with the best answer.

Introductions | Fill in the Blank

Try to fill in the blanks in the conversation below.



Every, Each, All

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of when to use every, each, or all!
First test your knowledge –

Every, Each, All

Complete the sentences with the correct word.

How did you do? If you didn’t do very well, read the below explanation and let’s see if it becomes clearer!

Now, let’s try this again!

Every, Each, All II

Fill in the blank with the correct word


Telling Time

Here are several different ways to talk about the time!

What time is it?

It is 5 o’clock.


It’s 5.


Use o’clock to a time that is on the hour. Remember that if you want to clarify in the morning or at night, AM or PM goes after o’clock.


Ex:       It is 6 o’clock PM.       (Afternoon)


It is 8 o’clock AM.       (Morning)

What about other times?


There are two ways to say 3:40.

  1. It’s three forty.
  2. It’s twenty to three.

Check out this chart to help you describe more times:


6:05 Six oh five Five minutes past six
3:15 Three fifteen A quarter past three
4:30 Four thirty Half-past four
12:45 Twelve forty-five A quarter to one


Bonus: These two times can also be said in another way!


12:00 AM =  midnight

            12:00 PM = noon


Now try this quiz to test your knowledge!


Telling Time

Try this quiz to test your knowledge!