The Comedians of Tiktok – English reading exercise

Now if we want to see some comedy, all we need to do is go on Instagram, Snapchat or Tikok to see it. Read the short article below and then try our quizzes to test your vocabulary knowledge!

Before, if we wanted to see some comedy, we needed to buy a DVD, go to an event, or even go on Youtube. Now if we want to see some comedy, all we need to do is go on Instagram, Snapchat or Tikok to see it. The videos are short and they can often be viewed in under 30 seconds. Welcome to the future of comedy. Because we all lead such busy lives, everything nowadays is condensed. We want everything instantly, including our comedy. This has led to a new trend across social media, or rather, bitesize comedy.

One of the most famous Tiktok comedians of the modern era is Khabane Lame. He is now famous across Italy and then rest of the world, for his bitesize video reactions to different life-hacks. Many video makers produce clips of different life-hacks, such as a man you uses an aerosol can to clean his greasy skin. Khabane shows the video and then it cuts to a video of himself, simply pointing towards a bath. The point is there is no need for this hack, just use a normal bath! The simplicity of the comedy is it’s beauty.

There are many rags-to-riches stories within the Tiktok comedy world. For example, 23 year old Kieron Hamilton from Southampton in the UK has amassed millions of views for his impressions of different characters in a school. He built his social media following while his family was homeless, living in temporary accommodation. Now he makes plenty of money as a Tiktok comedian. He does impressions of characters such as ‘the teacher that thinks they’re funny’ or ‘the teacher when Ofsted are in’. Ofsted is the regulator of schools in England, so when their inspectors come to the school to check the standards, the teachers are always on edge!

With the modern world moving fast, so is comedy online. Some of the most famous clips feature almost no dialogue and simply a written message on the screen to direct the joke. The great thing about it is, if you’re funny, all you need is a smartphone to become a world famous comedian!

Now you’ve finished the article. Try our quizzes below to test your understanding and vocabulary!

Tiktok Comedians | Definitions Quiz

Choose the correct definition for the word from the article

Tiktok Comedians | True or False

Decide if the statement is true or false

Adapted from Homeless stars, endless spaghetti and amplified farts: the comedians of TikTok | Comedy | The Guardian


Make, Take, Do – Listening + English Grammar Exercises

Put your English listening skills to the test with this exercise.

The following video is from Family Ties, an American sit-com that will make you laugh a lot as well as help you practice your English.
Do you have trouble using the verbs make, take and do correctly? We’re coming to the rescue!
Watch the video and try the following exercises to practice and improve your skills.

Let us know your scores in the comments!

Make, take, do | Listening I

Fill in the blanks with either do, make, or take

Make, take, do | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank using the given words.

Make, take, do

Complete the sentences with the correct verb.

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A Brit in Italy: 5 Things we do in the UK that would be considered a sin in Italy

Italian and British culture are not exactly the same; let’s discover some of the most common differences with Beth !!!

  1. Cocktails with meals

Cocktail culture in the UK & USA is pretty famous all over the world, but we take it to an extent that every Italian would gasp in horror at. We drink pina coladas with steak, long island iced teas with carbonara, strawberry mojitos with hot-dogs… any combination you can think of, we probably do it! Coming to Italy, I’ve learnt that there are certain drinking rules, e.g., white wine with fish, beer with pizza, red wine with red meat. These were all new to me, but I promise I now abide by your ‘laws’!


  1. Going out with wet hair

The infamous colpo d’aria is spoken about every day around the country, but many don’t know that it’s just an old wives’ tale! Of course, if you are already sick and you expose yourself to the cold, it could make it worse. But there’s no evidence that suggests going outside with wet hair can produce a virus or bacteria… which is why in the UK, you’ll see many people outside with wet hair. Plus, it rains so often that you’re bound to end up soaking wet anyway!


  1. Walking barefoot everywhere

Although the UK is famous for its terrible weather, the country just doesn’t seem to be as dusty as Italy. It is extremely common for us to walk around the house with no shoes or socks on, especially as most of our rooms have carpets. Additionally, those who live in the countryside or who have gardens can walk around barefoot even outside! As a child I spent most of my time with no shoes on, but of course you shouldn’t expect to see people barefoot in public. I think we can all agree that those who take their shoes off on airplanes are the worst!


  1. Drinking coffee at all hours (including with dinner)

This one is no longer a shock to most Italians, but yes… we drink cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, every coffee you can think of at all times of the day! Irish coffees (hot coffee with cream and whisky) are very popular after dinner, and it’s normal for us to have coffee with meals. This of course includes the full English breakfast, but I think you can let us off the hook for that one!


  1. Not saying hello/goodbye to everyone

When entering or leaving a party in the UK, we usually just say a sweeping hello/goodbye to the room, or to anyone who needs to know where we are. In Italy, however, I’ve learnt that it’s rude to leave someone out when greetings are involved. Hugs and kisses must be given to everyone! If you visit the UK, feel free to pull an Irish exit… we promise we won’t mind!


A Brit in Italy || Vocabulary

Put the following words to the correct definitions.