English Level Test – Take the test and learn your English level

Curious to know what your grammar level is in English? Take our English level test, part multiple choice and part fill in the blank, to find out which level you are in English.

The test is based on a points system, and the harder questions (the ones towards the end) are worth more points than the ones at the beginning of the quiz.

Out of 33 questions, there is a total 121 points possible. Here is the scale for English levels:

A1: 0-12 points. You have a very basic, elementary level of English and you definitely have a lot to learn!
A2: 13-37 points. You have a moderate understanding of the basics, such as the simplest grammar forms and some of the most essential vocabulary, but you struggle a lot in actual conversation.
B1: 38-78 points. You are an intermediate speaker. You have a solid foundation, but have difficulty with complex words, constructions and topics.
B2: 79-102 points. You are a lower advanced speaker. You have mastered the basics and essentials, and have no difficulty expressing yourself. Occasionally, with more complex discussions, you have difficulty, but can generally get by with basic constructions and simple language.
C1: 103-115 points. You can maintain conversations with native speakers, not always knowing the best way to say something and with some gaps in lexicon. For the most part, you are perfect in grammar.
C2: 116-121 points. You are an expert, able to use idiomatic expressions, proverbs and complex grammar constructions.

Time to take the quiz!

English Level Test

Take the following quiz to test your English skills!


Naturally, this is just a small level in terms of what your actual level is. At Scrambled Eggs, before we start a new course, we ask the students to take an oral test with one of our teachers to understand the real level of each student before starting their English course.

If you’re interested in learning more English, be sure to check out our English language blog. We’ve got lots of different English exercises to help you learn and improve English, from classic grammar exercises to interesting Ted Talks held by some of the most influential speakers in the world!

Epidemiquiz! Bill Gates called for a pandemic in a 2015 conference

The Coronavirus disease is setting back the whole world, but were we actually prepared to face this sort of epidemic? Five years ago, Bill Gates was invited to give a TED talk on such a matter. The main theme was, more specifically, how to prevent such a terrible scenario.

We’ve created some quizzes so that you can test your listening skills while you hear the words spoken by one of the most influential people of our time. Italian or English subtitles are also available.

Before getting into the specifics of it all, let’s have a look at the vocabulary Bill uses to describe the situation:

Virus Definition Match

Before watching Bill Gates’ TED Talk, have a look at these vocabulary words and try to match up the definitions.


Had enough? Then it’s time to watch the video!

A pretty impressive video, if I may say so myself. But that’s not all. The quizzes below will test your knowledge of the video! Watch it one more time and then see how you do:

Ted Talk Virus: Key Points

Have a look at the sentences below. Then watch the TED Talk held by Bill Gates which discusses a potential virus outbreak. Minute-by-minute, choose the key phrase which describes what he is discussing per minute.


Virus Outbreak: Fill in the blanks

Using the words from the word bank, fill in the blanks in the below sentences.


Nice job, you made it the whole way through! Still hungry for more English language exercises? Have a look at the links below for some inspiration, whether it be listening, gap fills of writing compositions. Don’t waste your time even if you’re stuck at home! There’s still a lot to learn!

Top 5 Weirdest Laws: UK Edition | Reading Comprehension

Across Britain, there are laws still enforced today that date all the way back to the 1300s! Some of them have no relevance in today’s world and are actually quite funny. The Team at Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan have put together a list of the top 5 weirdest laws that still exist in the UK. Get ready for your minds to be blown!

First up, it is actually illegal to be drunk in the pub! Yes, that’s right, you’ve read correctly! According to the 1839 Metropolitan Police Act, it is illegal to be highly intoxicated in a pub or for the pub-keeper to permit drunkenness on the premises

Next up, jumping the queue in the Underground ticket hall is not just rude, but actually illegal! That’s right, us Brits take queueing to a whole new level!

One of the most absurd laws that still exists is that it is apparently illegal to die while in Parliament. As the House of Parliament, less commonly known as the Palace of Westminster, is in fact a royal palace; so, if you were to die there, you would be required to be given a state funeral!

Another interesting law is that you can’t dress up as a soldier or seaman if you go to a fancy-dress party. According to the Seamen’s and Soldier’s False Characters Act 1906, it is illegal to pretend to be part of the armed forces.

Last but certainly not least placing a postage stamp bearing the monarch’s head upside down on an envelope is considered as an act of treason. So, when sending a postcard from your travels in the UK, make sure you place your stamp the right way up!

Which law do you think is the weirdest? What weird Italian laws still exist in Italy today?! Share your opinions by writing a comment below!

If you are curious to find out what the words in bold mean and want to speak like a native, try our comprehension quiz below:

Top 5 Weirdest Laws: UK Edition | Reading Comprehension Quiz

Match the word with its definition.

How did you do?! If you enjoyed this post and want to check out some more of our website, click here to continue practising your English!