Key Expressions for IGCSE Writing Part 5

The IGCSE Writing section for the English as a Second Language test has 2 writing parts: Part 5 and Part 6. Part 6 is a bit more complex as it can be a range of themes, from article to review, report or essay, and can also either formal or informal depending on the context.

Writing Part 5 on the other hand is always a letter, typically in the informal register, and is a bit more predictable, making it easier to prepare for! Today we’ll look at some key expressions to help you raise your IGCSE writing score.


  • It is so good to hear from you!
  • We haven’t spoken in ages
  • It has been ages since we last spoke


  • I’ve got some news I would like to tell you
  • Guess what? I….
  • You’ll never believe what happened.


  • What’s new with you?
  • How have you been?
  • Is there any news from your side?


  • I’m looking forward to + hearing from you/seeing you soon/speaking with you.
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Send my best to your family.
  • Sincerely, ….

Learn English With The News – Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy

Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy – First Written: 8:29 AM EST, Tue January 16, 2024


Bobi, known as the “oldest dog ever” who passed away in October at the reported age of 31, has temporarily lost his Guinness World Records (GWR) titles as the company investigates his age, a GWR spokesperson told CNN. The review was initiated due to suspicions regarding the evidence supporting Bobi’s age. The Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria and a government-authorized pet database initially confirmed his age, but questions arose posthumously.

The formal review by GWR involves analyzing existing evidence, seeking new evidence, and consulting experts. Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo Portuguese dog, lived in Conqueiros, a small village in Portugal, and was reportedly 31 years and 165 days old at the time of his death. His owner, Leonel Costa, attributes Bobi’s long life to a leash-free lifestyle, a calm environment, and a diet of human food soaked in water

Costa, who claimed he was eight years old when Bobi was born in 1992, shared that the dog freely roamed and coexisted peacefully with cats. Rafeiro do Alentejos, the breed to which Bobi belonged, typically have a life expectancy of 12-14 years, according to the American Kennel Club.

The previous record-holder for the oldest living and oldest dog ever was Bluey, an Australian cattle-dog born in 1910, who lived to be 29 years and five months old. GWR has temporarily suspended Bobi’s record titles pending the completion of their investigation.

For Full Article by CNN

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It’s Quiz Time! Practice your English and comprehension here!

Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy - Synonym Matching

A Quiz to test your knowledge of synonyms using the text above! Do you think you have what it takes to identify the vocabulary from this reading? We think you can do it and believe in you 🙂

Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy - Fill In The Blank

Try this Fill-In-The-Blank Activity to finish the sentences from our Blog Post: Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy, all about Bobi, the oldest (maybe) dog in the world! Try your best and see if your comprehension shines like we know it will!

Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy - True/False

Complete a True/False comprehension activity based off of our article: Oldest Dog Inspires A Barking Controversy. Do you think you can identify all of the True/False questions correctly? Go ahead and try it! We believe in you!


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Parts of the Face

Essential Vocabulary for the Face

Some of the very first essential vocabulary words that we learn are those for our face and body! And while you may already know many general terms for parts of the body, there always seems to be certain parts of the face that people forget how to say. In today’s blog post you will learn not only the essential words for general parts of the face but some spcefic vocab as well to immediately boost your English level.

Body and Face Vocabulary Explanation:
Let’s dive deeper into specific words we use to describe parts of the face.

Description: The strands that grow on your head. Perhaps you are blonde, brunette, or a red-head.

Description: The upper part of your body that contains your brain.

Description: The organs you use for seeing. Maybe you have bad vision and have to wear glasses to see well.

Description: Hard structures in your mouth used for biting and chewing. Maybe when you were younger your teeth were crooked and you needed braces!

Description: The front part of your head; the round area right above your eyebrows.

Description: The part of your face used for breathing and smelling. The sense assosciated with the nose is scent!. You smell with your nose.

Description: The soft, round parts on each side of your face below your eyes.
Example: When she’s happy, her cheeks turn rosy.

Description: The little indents that some people have in their cheeks when they smile.

Description: the angular part of the bottom of your face right below your moth. If you have a defined jaw you can say you have a sharp jawline.

Now you know not only a good group of vocab words for describing the face but some descriptive words that frequently accompany certain body parts!

Test out your knowledge with the exam below!:

Parts of the Face

Try to fill in the blanks of the following sentences with the correct facial part!