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Today’s online mini-lesson by Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan is on how to use the comparative when talking about fashion!

Milan is recognised worldwide as the fashion capital! So, the Team have put together a fashion-based audio with lots of related vocabulary. We have also incorporated the comparative so that you can learn how to compare styles and trends when talking about clothes and fashion.

We use the comparative when we compare two nouns. The comparative forms in different ways:

  • If the adjective is a short adjective, one syllable, we simply add ‘-er’ to the end of the adjective. NB Some words require a spelling change, the last constant doubles up, for example big becomes bigger.
  • If the adjective ends in ‘y’, we first change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and then also add ‘-er’ to the end of the adjective.
  • If the adjective is a long adjective, two syllables or more, we put ‘more’ in front of the adjective.

Now, are you ready to put your English listening skills to test the test? Listen to the audio below and see if you can hear all the comparatives!

How many did you hear? Listen again and try our gap-fill exercise below.

Comparative Fashion | Fill in the Blank English Quiz

Test your English listening knowledge with the following exercise!

After you have completed the gap-fill exercise, try out this true/false quiz:

Comparative Fashion | True/False English Quiz

Listen to the audio again and select whether the following statements are true or false.

How did you do? Would you like to continue practice using the comparative? Click here to access another one of our comparative lessons.

Are you ready to practice some more English? Click here to try some of our other quizzes. Otherwise, come along to our English school for a lesson with one of our experienced, native teachers!

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