Comparing Cities | English Grammar Exercise (Comparatives)

Everyone loves travelling and visiting different world cities. The different food, history and architecture is always fantastic to see. It is also very common for people to compare cities. It is useful to compare cities in regards to the quality of life, the transport, the nightlife and many more aspects!

Here are some of Daniele’s thoughts about the different cities he has been to. Read the text and then try the exercise below…

“In the past, I lived in Paris and New York and I must say, New York is a very friendly place. Instead, I found Paris to be a bit unfriendly. Originally I come from Milan and my girlfriend is from Padova. It’s a small Italian city whereas Milan is one of the biggest. I have travelled to both London and Tokyo and they are both enormous! I’ve also visited America and in Houston, the air is difficult to breathe, there’s so much pollution! In Boston the air is very clean. One of my favourite small cities is York in England, it’s so old and nice. Instead my favourite large city is Beijing, it’s very new and exciting. I have friends that live in Rome and Naples and everyone tells me they are both very fun cities!”

Read the text more times if you need to. Then try the exercise below!

City Life | Comparatives Quiz

Fill in the blank with the correct word or words. Use the story above to help you.

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