Hello XXXX,

Excellent work today! I have attached your slides so that you can look at them when you have a chance to.

For homework, here are some things you can take a look at:

For some listening practice, I found this cool video with examples of adverbs of frequency within a bunch of different American movies. It will also include some more adverbs of frequency that you may have not seen yet (you might see some of these new words appear in the writing homework, *hint hint*):

There is also some more listening practice in this video, if you prefer a more formal presentation of these adverbs. It’s called the Grammar Gameshow, and you will watch contestants answer adverb-based questions:

For some vocabulary review, you can try this English proverb activity, where you can learn different English expressions that are very common! In addition, there are a TON of different proverbs within this link that you can also check out if you click the link under do you need help within this link :).

Lastly, for some reading/writing review, here is an exercise where you will be re-writing sentences with adverbs of frequency! You must check your punctuation/capitalization, spelling, and format of your sentences in order to be correct. Thus, this is a verb formal exercise to create your sentences!

Keep up the amazing work and know that we always appreciate your presence here! You folks are the best parts of our day!