Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor


Some people have all the luck. Every now and then someone does a little renovating and comes across a bit of life-changing treasure. Who wouldn’t want to find some extra cash stashed away in some hidden spot in their home?

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Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor | Definition Match

Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor | Definition Match

Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor | Fill in the Blank

Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor | Fill in the Blank

Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor | True or False

Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor | True or False

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Full text for Couple Finds Coins Worth $250,000 Under Their Floor:

One lucky couple found a hoard of 260 British gold coins stashed in a small metal pot under their home’s floorboards during a kitchen renovation.

Originally believing it to be the ruins of electrical wiring, they called a London-based auctioneer for help appraising the mysterious glittering coins. The coins date from the reigns of James I to George I and are about £100,000 worth of gold in today’s money. As relics of Great Britain’s past, however, auctioneers expect the collection to fetch about £250,000.

While most of the coins were standard issues, a few stick out as unique. One, a George I guinea from 1720, has a minting error—the coin is missing the king’s head. Another is a Brazilian gold coin that was minted in 1720 and circulated, in a state of outlawry, in England during that time.

Coincidentally, as the 1996 Treasure Law stipulates, any gold or silver coin minted 300 years in the past becomes government property, but is purchased from the finder at a fair market price and is placed in a museum.

All but one of the coins were minted around 292 years ago, meaning they are not considered treasure and are able to be auctioned.

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