Describing the Weather – part 2

Welcome to the Scrambled Eggs blog! Here you can find many different resources with which you can learn English, for example this great exercise about describing the weather!  There are listening exercises, grammar exercises, vocabulary boosters and all kind of interesting articles on a variety of topics! Leaning English should be fun, so we hope you like what you see and hear.

Do you know our previous blog about describing the weather? (you can find it here)

Here are more useful weather words you can test your knowledge with!

Read the text and match the vocabulary words to their definition.

The weather forecast for this week predicted light showers. When I left the house for work, it was already drizzling. I’m glad I brought my umbrella because when I arrived at work it really started pouring down. After about thirty minutes it stopped about the sun came out again. When I took my lunch break and went outside, it was humid but there was a nice breeze.

Describing the Weather - Quiz 1

Read the text and match the vocabulary words to their definition.

Describing the Weather - Quiz 2

Complete the sentences using the adjectives.

We hope that helped you learn a little English today! If you’d like to improve even more, check out the rest of our resources ( ), take a look at our Instagram or drop by our English school in Milan.


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