Describing the Weather

Scrambled Eggs Scuola di Inglese welcomes you to our blog! We have been teaching English in a beautiful location next to the Navigli for many years now, and we know that if a student would really like to progress with their language it is essential that they do regular study at home as well as in the classroom. We hope you like the blog below about describing the weather and you can make a habit of practicing a little at home every day!

Here are some very useful adjectives you can use to describe the weather:


Let’s practice some ways to describe the weather with the following quiz.

Describing the Weather I

Match each picture with the best adjective.

Now use the weather forecast to answer the true/false questions.

Describing the Weather II

Use the weather forecast to answer the true / false questions.

Great work! Well done for studying English today. Every little activity you do is another step closer towards your language objectives.

For more on how to describe the weather, check this blog.
If you’d like to see the rest of our resources, follow this link: For more ideas, take a look at our Instragram. We hope to see you at our English school in Milan soon!

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