Edible Drones Could Keep Disaster Survivors in Remote Areas Alive


Edible drones! It’s what’s for dinner. Researchers have developed a new kind of drone that makes use of edible materials and can be sent to help vicitms trapped inside of disaster areas.

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Edible Drones Could Keep Disaster Survivors in Remote Areas Alive | Definition Match

Match the following words to the correct definitions.

Edible Drones Could Keep Disaster Survivors in Remote Areas Alive | Fill in the Blank

Fill in the blank with the correct word.

Edible Drones Could Keep Disaster Survivors in Remote Areas Alive | True or False

Decide if the statements are true or false.

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Full text for Edible Drones Could Keep Disaster Survivors in Remote Areas Alive:

Drones can be crucial during natural disasters. They can transport supplies to people in need. But what if they themselves were made of food? Researchers have developed a small flying craft that has wings made of rice cakes and gelatin.

A team in Switzerland made the wings functional for flight and as cargo at the same time, so the drone could deliver food or medication. To create the wings, rice cakes are laser-cut into hexagons and fixed together using gelatin. The wings are then wrapped in plastic, before being attached to the flying part.
The prototype drone was able to fly 10 meters per second. The team now wants to transform other inedible pieces, suggesting that structural components could be 3D-printed using edible material.

The drones have a wingspan of about 70 centimeters. This means there is enough rice cake and gelatin glue to deliver one breakfast serving. After the wings, there are 80 leftover grams which can be used to deliver vitamins or water.

The research has been documented and is just one application of the group’s research initiative called RoboFood, which seeks to develop edible robots in a way that maximizes both performance and nutritional value.

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