Either, neither, both, all

Scrambled Eggs Scuola di Inglese welcomes you to our blog! We have been teaching English in a beautiful location next to the Navigli for many years now, and we know that if a student would really like to progress with their language it is essential that they do regular study at home as well as in the classroom. We hope you like the blog below and you can make a habit of practicing a little at home every day!

How can you use the words “either” and “neither”? What about “both” or “none”? Read the following descriptions to find out! Then take our quiz to test your knowledge.

Either- one or the other

Either color looks great.
I don’t like either one.

Neither- not either of two things

I have two cats, but neither of them is black.

None- not one of a group of things

None of the students like math.

Both- two things

Both of my parents are from London.

All- a group of things

Our school has 8 teachers. All of them teach English.

Try this quiz!

Either, neither, both, all - Quiz

Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.


We hope that helped you learn a little English today! If you’d like to improve even more, check out the rest of our resources (https://scrambledeggsinglese.it/english-exercises/ ), take a look at our Instagram or drop by our English school in Milan.

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