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English ESL Exercise: Have it done

Exercise 1:

Before starting today’s exercises, try the following vocabulary quiz to get acquainted with the vocab:

Big Wedding Day Vocabulary

Match the vocabulary with the definition.

Exercise 2:

Now listen to the following audio exercise about the “Big Day Tomorrow”


Exercise 3:
Choose from the following phrasal verbs:

kill for – get around – go straight – roll out – be up to – go easy on

Big Wedding Day Phrasal Verbs

Test your knowledge of the phrasal verbs used in the above audio.

The following verbs to choose from are:

kill for – get around – go straight – roll out – be up to – go easy on

Remember that they must also be conjugated (go->going, be->was, etc.)

Exercise 4 – Questions:

What is the big day?

Is Mary’s schedule light and easy-going?

What’s first on Mary’s to-do list?

When will Mary have her nails done?

Why is she excited about her hair salon?

Exercise 5:

Tag Questions - Big Wedding Day

Fill in the following tag questions.

Remember that the tag, or the last part of the sentence to make the question, always reflects the opposite of the main part of the sentence.

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