English Language Exercise – The More, The Less

All of our actions have consequences, sometimes we just need to understand what exactly those consequences are! Today’s English language quiz is all about analyzing the pros and cons regarding what will happen if you do more or less of something.

Some of the constructions are quite easy, as you simply have to put “the more” or “the less” and you’re good to go. But watch out! The comparative in English plays a fundamental role in this exercise. If you want to say “If I go fast, I finish work,” then in this exercise you should say “The faster I go, the sooner I finish work.” This means you need to decide between more + adjective or adjective+more. For more on that, check out some of our exercises here:


Before we get started on our English language exercises, let’s have a look at an example of how to do this exercise:


When Jim studies, he gets better grades.
(The more) Jim studies, (the better) his grades are.

When Jim doesn’t study, he gets worse grades.
(The less) Jim studies, (the worse his) grades are

Exercise - the more, the less

Rewrite the sentences using the structure like in the example.


How did it ago? Have you tried doing it a second time? Remember that the more you practice, the better you will do!

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