English Language Exercise: The Present Perfect

The present perfect: the obscure grammar tense that so many English learners struggle to comprehend. Well, the first thing to understand is the formula for the present perfect:

Subject + auxiliary have + past participle

Here are some examples for you:

Lucy has left her keys on the table.
John has seen the film.
We have not done the dishes yet.

The past participle is the third column on your typical English verb chart which has the infinitive, the simple past and the past participle, in that order. Here is a link that you can find with some of the most common irregular past participles:

Most Common Irregular Past Tense Verbs

Now that you are fresh and ready to go, what do you say to an English grammar exercise about the present perfect?

Present Perfect Quiz

Here we have some sentences with blanks that you can fill in. What’s missing is the past participle, so use the verb in parentheses to write the correct form of the verb! Ready? Go!


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