English Level Test – Take the test and learn your English level

Curious to know what your grammar level is in English? Take our English level test, part multiple choice and part fill in the blank, to find out which level you are in English.

The test is based on a points system, and the harder questions (the ones towards the end) are worth more points than the ones at the beginning of the quiz.

Out of 33 questions, there is a total 121 points possible. Here is the scale for English levels:

A1: 0-12 points. You have a very basic, elementary level of English and you definitely have a lot to learn!
A2: 13-37 points. You have a moderate understanding of the basics, such as the simplest grammar forms and some of the most essential vocabulary, but you struggle a lot in actual conversation.
B1: 38-78 points. You are an intermediate speaker. You have a solid foundation, but have difficulty with complex words, constructions and topics.
B2: 79-102 points. You are a lower advanced speaker. You have mastered the basics and essentials, and have no difficulty expressing yourself. Occasionally, with more complex discussions, you have difficulty, but can generally get by with basic constructions and simple language.
C1: 103-115 points. You can maintain conversations with native speakers, not always knowing the best way to say something and with some gaps in lexicon. For the most part, you are perfect in grammar.
C2: 116-121 points. You are an expert, able to use idiomatic expressions, proverbs and complex grammar constructions.

Time to take the quiz!

English Level Test

Take the following quiz to test your English skills!


Naturally, this is just a small level in terms of what your actual level is. At Scrambled Eggs, before we start a new course, we ask the students to take an oral test with one of our teachers to understand the real level of each student before starting their English course.

If you’re interested in learning more English, be sure to check out our English language blog. We’ve got lots of different English exercises to help you learn and improve English, from classic grammar exercises to interesting Ted Talks held by some of the most influential speakers in the world!

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