English Quiz: Adjectives for Describing Difficulty

Adjectives, adjectives, adjectives! The blog of the day is all about those little descriptive words that can completely change the feeling of a story, for better or for worse! How do you feel about your level of adjectives? Do you have a vast catalogue of descriptive words, like a Pantone color chart, or is it more like a rotation of 5 words, one for the most common moods out there?

Adjectives are an integral part of self-expression the English language. Instead of just saying the classic few English adjectives in your repertoire like “nice”, “bad”, “good” and so on, how about expanding upon ways to describe your feelings with one of our English Language Vocabulary quizzes today? We’ve prepared an exercise that will help you decipher the nuances between each adjective and help you express yourself to the fullest!

Adjectives for Describing Difficulty

Fill the gaps with the correct answers


How did it go? Are you on top of the world after your performance? Or are you mad because you didn’t do as well as you would have liked. After only a few questions, we’re sure you’ve still got enough energy left in the tank to keep going and do a few more exercises! Now that you’ve done the theoretic exercise, how about a listening exercise? Try the link below to put your ears to practice and see if you can improve your listening English skills!


Biggest Achievements – Esercizio Ascolto Inglese B1/B2

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