Meet Scrambled Eggs – Native English Teacher Ani from the USA

Our native English teacher Ani, one of the founders of Scrambled Eggs English School in Milan, is from Chicago, USA and brings the Windy City with her everywhere she goes! Just be sure not to complain about Milan’s ‘cold weather’ around her; compared to her hometown, every day is ‘beach weather’ in Lombardy!

As an English teacher with years of experience, Ani finds nothing better in life than the satisfaction of helping students meet their goals, and when it comes to linguistic goals, Ani’s students never miss a beat!

Within the confines of Scrambled Eggs, Ani’s presence can be equated to a ray of perpetual sunshine. Her positive demeanor effortlessly lifts the spirits of all
around her, and if you’re feeling down then she’ll be sure to bring you a fresh cup of coffee before you even have time to ask.



While Ani’s forte lies in Scrambled Eggs’ personalized English courses, she also plays a pivotal role in SAT exam preparation, specifically when it comes to mathematics. While she crunches numbers along with her high school students, she is also helping them raise their test scores in order to gain entry into some of the most prestigious universities in the United States and in Europe.