First Certificate in English (Esame di inglese per la certificazione FCE – level B2)

Are you looking to take the Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) exam in Milan? Look no further, Scrambled Eggs English School is the school for you. We have native English speakers, authentic material, and we will tailor your course to suit your individual needs!

The FCE is a prestigious exam that tests all areas of language ability. It is a follow up to the PET and is recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. This exam will allow you to certify your English level as upper intermediate.

The FCE exam has a similar structure to the PET but is split into 4 different sections:

Reading and Use of English (1 hour and 15 minutes, 40% of overall total)
The reading exam tests your use of English as well as your grammar and vocabulary. There are 7 different parts, which can consist of multiple-choice questions and gap fill exercises. Reading extracts can be fiction, newspapers, and/or magazines. Candidates are required to show that they can deal confidently with different types of text.

At Scrambled Eggs: Evidently the Reading and Use of English section is the most important part of the exam. At Scrambled Eggs, we will expose you to a variety of authentic reading texts with carefully chosen grammar and vocabulary that will help develop your level. We will also train you on how to read and analyse texts for gist and for specific information.

Writing (1 hour and 20 minutes, 20% of overall total)
The Writing exam tests your ability to write in a clear and coherent way. There are 2 parts. Part 1 entails writing an essay in response to a title you are given, whereas in part 2 you are given a choice of text types to write about, which can include letters/emails, reports or reviews. Candidates are expected to be able to produce two different pieces of writing.

At Scrambled Eggs: We understand that writing in another language can be extremely challenging. At scrambled eggs we will always send you a written task for homework, which will then be corrected in the following lesson with advice on how to improve your structure, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. In this way, you will be able to steadily improve you writing skills throughout the course

Listening (40 minutes, 20% of overall total)
The Listening exam tests your ability to follow and understand a range of spoken materials. There are 4 different parts and a total of 30 questions. You will be required to complete a range of exercises, which can consist of multiple-choice, sentence completion and/or matching exercises. Recordings vary and could include news programmes, presentations and everyday conversations. Candidates are required to be able to pick out different pieces of information and determine what is important.

At Scrambled Eggs: Our FCE preparation course will expose you to a wide variety of listening materials to help you to train you ear to select crucial information and expose you to a range of accents. In addition, we try to prepare our students by helping them to become familiar with different texts as well as possible exam topics.

Speaking (14 minutes per a pair of candidates, 20% of overall total)
The speaking exam tests your ability to communicate effectively face-to-face. There are 4 different parts in which you will be expected to talk about familiar topics, compare a set of photographs, engage in a discussion and discuss a topic. You will take your oral exam with a partner and there will be two examiners in the room: one who asks you questions and one who takes notes. Candidates are required to talk freely about a variety of topics as well as express and justify their opinions.

At Scrambled Eggs: Our FCE preparation course will fully prepare you for this part of the exam. We will tackle all sections of the speaking exam; not only will our course enrich your vocabulary, it will also expose you to the key phrases that are crucial to help you achieve a high score.

By taking your exam preparation course at Scrambled Eggs, we will always ensure that you are fully prepared for your exam. In addition, you will learn useful English language skills that you can use in life. Are you ready to take the FCE exam? Book a free level test at our school today!