6 second year classes from Istituto Moreschi have voted for the best, most representative flag of their class, and now we have arrived at the final round of voting! Below you will find the descriptions of each flag which was voted best flag of the class, and at the bottom of the page you can vote for your favorite flag! The winning team will be presented with a surprise prize 🏆

***Only votes with a @istitutomoreschi.edu.it email will be considered

Class 2A:

Winners: Lisa F, Beatrice Z, Ginevra B

We created this flag for our school on which it has written the date of the creation of the school, the red lines represents the fact that the school went thru both of the world wars, the arrows for the economic part of the school and in the middle the school itself in blue, because that’s the color of the school logo.

Class 2B:

Winners: Franklin C, Pietro S, Hagar A, David C

This flag is divided in three separate rectangle, in each of them represents the different courses you can do, the text is in italian since this is a flag for an italian school to keep the originality, and the colors are inspired by the school site [https://www.istitutomoreschi.edu.it/] and there are no special meaning behind the colors.

Class 2C:

Winners: Leonardo P, Mattia C, Andrea P

The flag that represents Moreschi is made with the flag of the city of Milan with another logo of milan, a picture of Moreschi and the year when Moreschi was founded.

Class 2CL:

Winners: Marta S, Federico E, Valentina G

This is our flag; the elements represent the school with colors and symbols. It is a simple but efficient flag.

Class 2D:

Winners: Francesco K, Alessandro M, Giacomo V

A sleek navy flag hosts the school emblem in the center, complemented by three stars and an innovative design, combining simplicity with a touch of sophistication.
The three stars on the flag symbolize the school’s commitment to excellence in academics, sports, and community engagement.

Class 2DL:

Winners: John M, Nicolò D, Angela C

The background of our flag is blue, in the middle there is a black circle surrounded by a white circle and in the black circle there is Moreschi written in white. Inside the circle there are some calculators. On top there are two stars, one green and one yellow.


Here is the form to vote. Remember:

*Only votes with a @istitutomoreschi.edu.it email will be considered

**Voting will end on Thursday 29/02 at 9 p.m.